Scam Alert! Z101 ZIngoo, P9 Pebot, Fubazu and Medvest B65X Wheelchairs don't exist and are linked to confirmed tender scams.

Who we are...

DuoActive Mobility is a proud distributor of Endura-SA's quality and durable products at competitive and affordable prices.
With a wide range of products we will definitely have what you need.
Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff will assist you in assessing your specific needs and advise you accordingly to make the best decision.
With great aftersales assistance, parts and accessories DuoActive Mobility is your number one choice in finding the perfect equipment to fit your lifestyle and give you the Freedom To Explore...

Our full range of Medical Mobility Devices and Rehabilitation Equipment that includes Manual Wheelchairs, Electric Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, different kinds of walking aids and various other accessories and devices are carefully selected and specifically stocked for your comfort, joy and freedom. Take charge and allow us to help you regain life and mobility by matching one of our Endura products to your specific needs.
Our range of Golf Carts and Leisure Mobility includes a very compact and economical 2 seater golf cart, different one seater golf carts and even some stand-up, self balancing golf carts which will blow your mind. These Endura units are high quality, affordable, low maintenance units that are perfect for a day on the golf course as well as normal estate living and leisure mobility.
Our range of commercial grade, Segway like, Self Balancing Scooters are perfect for Segway trails, commuting to and from work, navigating your way from one side of the warehouse to the other, security guards at the mall or casino, or simply having your own bit of fun. These Endura units represent the wise choice of countless alternatives, they exceed all expectations, they are low maintenance and built to last.

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